Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit
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Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit

When I needed to store some of my belongings, I called around pricing out self storage units. I was surprised to learn just how many different offers self storage facilities run to attract new customers. However, while some of these deals are a bargain, others may not be so great if you plan on leaving your belongings in storage for an extended period of time. I created this website to discuss the different specials used by self storage facilities to attract customers and which of these specials may be beneficial to you, based on your particular needs. I hope this helps you get a great deal on a self storage unit.


Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit

Building A Manufacturing Plant? Two Reasons Why You Should Order A Soil Boring Test

Sergio Murphy

Erecting a manufacturing plant is a tall order.  There are so many details that you have to pay attention to, and you've likely hired a team of people to help you get the job completed.  However, one of the most important tasks that you should complete before you even start construction on your new plant is a soil boring test.  A soil boring test is designed to determine whether the land where you're building has enough integrity to sustain your structure.  Learning more about the benefits of soil boring tests can help you see why you should have one done as soon as possible.

Soil Boring Tests Help You Understand What Kind Of Waste System You'll Need

One of the main reasons why you should order a soil boring test is because it is a key way for you to determine which kind of waste system you'll need to install.  When it comes to manufacturing, it's absolutely vital that you have the right waste removal system in place.

An important factor that is measured during a soil boring test is the percolation rate of the soil.  Percolation is all about how quickly the soil is able to absorb moisture.  This is critical because, if you are using a septic waste removal system, you need the soil to be extremely permeable.  Otherwise, you could end up with standing water all around your facility that not only looks and smells bad, but could leave you open to hefty fines from the municipality where your building is situated.

Soil Boring Tests Help You Determine If You Need Additional Support

Another reason why soil boring tests are so valuable is because they help you determine if your structure will need additional support.  No matter how solid the soil may look, it's important to test it so you don't have to deal with expensive problems later on.

If the soil where you're planning to build isn't compacted enough, it may not have enough integrity to support a large structure.  In these cases, you may need to build your facility on strong stilts that are fastened deep within the ground.  Failing to do this could cause your building to be uneven, with certain doors and walls sagging in the long run.

Soil boring tests are done by geotechnical engineers that are spread all across the country.  Contact one of these professionals like those at Uni Tech Drilling Company Inc. so you can have this valuable test done right away.