Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit
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Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit

When I needed to store some of my belongings, I called around pricing out self storage units. I was surprised to learn just how many different offers self storage facilities run to attract new customers. However, while some of these deals are a bargain, others may not be so great if you plan on leaving your belongings in storage for an extended period of time. I created this website to discuss the different specials used by self storage facilities to attract customers and which of these specials may be beneficial to you, based on your particular needs. I hope this helps you get a great deal on a self storage unit.


Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit

Repaving Your Business's Parking Lot: What You Should Know

Sergio Murphy

When you are a small business owner, you know that one of the most important ways that you can ensure that your customers are happy and safe is to have a parking lot that is in good repair. However, if you find that the time has come to repave your parking lot, you may find yourself wondering what material you should use for your fresh and new parking lot. Before you make your final decision, get to know some of the parking lot repaving material options available to you so that you can make the best choice for you and your business.

Standard Concrete

Standard concrete is one of the most common choices for paving projects and parking lots. Concrete is an extremely durable and long-lasting material that requires little maintenance. It is also highly aesthetically appealing.

Standard concrete will need to be mixed on-site. If you are completing the project yourself, you can mix the concrete by hand or use a small concrete mixer. Otherwise you can also use a concrete mixing truck that will mix large batches of concrete at once to be poured and spread.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is an option that is similar to standard concrete in that it is highly durable and long-lasting. The primary difference between standard concrete and ready mix concrete is that ready mix concrete comes to the construction site already prepared to be poured.

On top of the fact that ready mix concrete comes from the factory prepared to be poured immediately, you can also customize the mixture that composes the concrete. This means you can get a mixture that is specially suited to your business's climate, amount of traffic, and the like. Ready mix concrete makes the process of repaving your business's parking lot as easy as it could possibly be.


Asphalt is another possible material that you can use to repave your business's parking lot. While asphalt is a popular choice because it is less expensive than concrete. It is also easy to maintain and if damaged can easily be repaired and resurfaced.

In comparison to concrete, asphalt is not particularly long-lasting or durable. When it exposed to high heat, the surface of asphalt can become oily and can actually soften. On the other hand, this flexibility is preferable in cold temperatures because it will not crack easily due to cold temperatures.

Now that you know some of the options for you when you are repaving your business's parking lot, you can get started in your repaving project. You will have a new parking lot before you know it.

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