Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit
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Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit

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Getting a Great Deal for a Self Storage Unit

3 Reasons To Switch To A Dry Conveyor Lubrication System

Sergio Murphy

Keeping your conveyor belt equipment properly lubricated is essential when it comes to the productivity of your plant. While wet lubricating systems can certainly accomplish this goal, it may be in your best interest to convert to a dry lubrication system instead.

Here are three reasons why switching to a dry conveyor lubrication system might be good for your business.

1. Dry lubrication systems can help reduce operating costs.

A wet lubrication system requires water in order to work properly. A water-soluble lubricating compound is dissolved in water, then sprayed directly onto conveyor belts and chains. Using water during the lubrication process can cost your plant a significant amount of money.

Making the switch to a dry lubrication system means you can eliminate the use of water from your lubrication activities. Dry lubrication systems rely on a film of lubricant that adheres to the surface of conveyor belts and chains. This allows you to keep your equipment running properly without paying for water usage each month.

2. Dry lubrication systems can eliminate waste water management problems.

Disposing of the run-off water produced during a wet lubrication treatment can present a problem. This water is considered contaminated since it has water-soluble lubricants dissolved in it. It's up to you to ensure that you manage your waste water according to environmental specifications.

By converting to a dry lubrication system, you can eliminate the need to manage waste water. This allows you to avoid the problems and potential fines that are associated with improper waste water management.

3. Dry lubrication systems make your plant safer for employees.

Employee safety is a top priority for most business owners, and using a wet lubrication system could be putting your employees in harm's way. When water runs off equipment during a wet lubrication treatment it ends up on the floor of your plant.

Standing water creates a safety hazard, since employees could potentially slip and fall while going about their work. Accounting for 25% of work related injuries, slip and fall injuries are the most commonly reported injuries. You can eliminate standing water by converting to a dry conveyor lubrication system in your plant.

It's important to recognize that you have options when it comes to keeping your conveyor equipment properly lubricated. Opting to install a dry conveyor lubrication system could help you save money by reducing your water usage, avoid fines by eliminating waste water management problems, and protect your employees from slippery working conditions.